SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Risk Protection Order is being sought against a 12-year-old Sarasota Middle School student who allegedly made threats against Lakeview Elementary School.

Records state the student was suspended from Sarasota Middle on Aug. 17 after he mimicked cocking a shotgun.

Court records state the Sarasota County School Board Police asked the sheriff’s office to conduct a threat assessment at the child’s residence due to the student’s repeated behavior problems.

Deputies visited the child’s home, where his parents allegedly gave consent for the threat assessment.

At the home, deputies reported discovering unsecured firearms belonging to the child’s father. Deputies also found two maps of Lakeview Elementary School while searching the student’s bedroom.

According to court records, the student marked the school’s security camera locations on the maps and colored in two teacher’s classrooms. Detectives state the child also wrote the words “eliminate” and “destroy” next to the names of those teachers.

Stephanie Brandow is the parent of one of the teachers allegedly mentioned and says the discovery is concerning.

“You cannot even express the emotions. At first, you’re angry, and then you’re sad, and then you’re scared,” Brandow said.

Attorney Justin Drach is representing the 12-year-old in this case and says there’s nothing to be concerned about.

“There’s a claim that there’s a threat, and the petition was filed under Florida’s Risk Protection Order statute essentially to deprive my client, who I might add is a 12-year-old, the ability to possess or purchase firearms or ammunition, which he can’t do anyway,” Drach said.

Drach says his client’s family has been cooperative with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office and even handed over the child’s electronics.

“What they found was a child that looks on YouTube for car videos and funny videos, absolutely nothing disturbing,” he said.

A Risk Protection Order hearing is scheduled for Sept. 8 in this case.

Lakeview Elementary School sent parents a message this week about the alleged threats, saying school police and local law enforcement agencies are investigating. They also told parents more district staff would be on the campus out of an abundance of caution.