There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than spending time with the ones you love.  

And this Christmas, Nancy Pearson will finally be able to celebrate alongside her feline friend, Jerry.

Jerry the cat was returned to his family last week after a long hiatus from home.  

Jerry went missing on Sept. 10, 2017, shortly after Hurricane Irma hit the Suncoast.

Despite an exhaustive search for Jerry on foot, posting on social media, hanging flyers in the neighborhood and offering a reward for Jerry’s return, there was no sign of the family’s four-legged friend. 

Fast forward more than a year, 467 days to be exact, the family received a call from Sarasota County Animal Services (SCAS) saying they had Jerry.  

The worker on the line said he was found as a stray 3 miles from home.

Thanks to a concerned citizen who contacted SCAS to report a stray cat, Jerry is back home in the loving arms of his family just in time for the Christmas holiday.

Lost Pet Services Inc says this is a perfect reminder for pet owners to microchip their animals and put collars on them with ID tags for the best chance to get them home safe if needed.