SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Weeks after a beloved statue was ripped from its foundation and tossed from a bridge, Venice police say they’ve caught those believed to be responsible.

Authorities say the “Sophia” statue in downtown Venice was ripped from its mounts Thursday, May 18 around 4 a.m. by two men who slugged the innocent metal figure back to a nearby car.

Using their network of security cameras, detectives were able to identify the car and its occupants: 20-year-old Ryan Bartley and 19-year-old Victor Klein both of Bradenton. Both men were arrested and revealed to investigators the fate of the cherished statue.

Beneath the Twin Bridges and under the waves the statue sat until Sarasota County marine deputies made their recovery dive. Up came the statue, but not without damage.

The arms and foot of the statue were missing. Estimates for a replacement neared $3,800.