SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Sarasota man was stunned to find an Amazon delivery man wandering through his house. To make matters worse, it happened again the next day. 

Michael Lentini has not signed up for the Amazon Key service, which securely delivers packages right into your home.

On Saturday afternoon, Lentini was waiting for a package to be delivered. Typically boxes are just left out front, but that day he got a special, unexpected delivery.

“I looked this way because I heard the elevator door open, I thought, ‘somebody that I know,'” he recalled.

Nope, it was an Amazon delivery man who wandered through his house and wound up in his master bedroom.

“I instantly froze because its something that you can’t understand until it happens to you,” said Lentini.

The delivery man quickly dropped off the package and left.

Surveillance video showed he had spent a few minutes inside the home. Lentini is worried that the delivery man had the ability to steal something.

Lentini called Amazon and was notified that it would never happen again.

“They were astounded that that happened. They got some supervisor on the phone. They said this is going to the highest levels right now,” Lentini recalled.

Sure enough, it happened again the very next day.

Lentini is losing faith in Amazon.

“[I feel] unsecure knowing that Amazon has a bigger problem than one driver,” he said.

An Amazon official told News Channel 8 the delivery men got confused with the layout of the modern house.

Lentini disputes that.

“[The home does not say] Apartment B, not unit C. On the front door, right when you walk in, it says Number 15. So there’s no illusions that there’s any apartments in this place,” said Lentini.

In a statement Amazon said, “We are working directly with the customer to investigate and will be addressing any findings with the delivery personnel.”

The company will send a representative to Lentini’s home to do a site visit and ensure this will never happen again.

Lentini is considering just using UPS and FedEx from now on.

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