VENICE, Fla. (WFLA) — A horrible incident has kept a Venice missionary group out of one Haiti airport for nearly a month. This week, they went back.

Agape Flights has flown back to Les Cayes, Haiti this week, but not before meeting with Haitian officials to see what changes were made.

In March, protestors stormed the airport, climbing on the plane belonging to the group before setting it on fire.

Agape Flights CEO Allen Speer says they’re making progress.

“We’re moving slowly but surely,” Speer said. “What was meant for evil I believe has turned to good.”

After meeting with aviation and security officials in Haiti to talk about changes and safety at the airport, the group resumed flights to Les Cayes Tuesday.

“Very tight security, we saw evidence of all that, and changes that have been made,” Speer said.

Changes from more officers, to more lights on the taxiway. Speer says Haitian officials will implement more long-term plans in the coming months to boost the airport’s perimeter security.

“They were very open to coming to an agreement as to their responsibility for our destroyed aircraft,” Speer said.

Since the incident, Agape Flights is backed up with cargo and supplies. Their goal now, get them in the hands of the people who need it the most.

“We do it cause we’re called to do it and they need us,” Speer said.

The group is sending 6,000 pounds overseas this week. A crew the first plane out Tuesday. They will send another plane to several locations Thursday.