NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) — Nearly one month after Hurricane Ian, the recovery feels slow for some North Port residents even as the city is working to pick up debris as fast as possible.

“It’s a constant reminder of what we lost,” says Sasha Greto as she looks at a pile of her possessions now stacked in front of her flooded-out home.

“If this was gone, it would be a little easier,” she says.

North Port city leaders say they’ve collected over 700,000 cubic yards of debris so far. They expect that amount to total about 1.5 million cubic tons by the end of the cleanup. Even as residents grow impatient, they remind that debris cleanup will take more time.

“We haven’t even started with the households yet. So we’re getting there. It’s taking some time, but there’s a lot to do. There’s a lot of damage, and our community [has] been patient and we appreciate that,” said Mike Ryan, the city’s emergency manager.

The Greto family is now living in a rented trailer outside their house while they await more information from insurance adjusters about how they should move forward. Still, they haven’t received much optimistic news. They did not carry flood insurance because they didn’t live in a flood zone.

“Coming to work, you’re not thinking, [you’re] busy all the time. Coming home, you smell it, you see it. It’s not fun,” said Roy Greto.