SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — Three people have been hospitalized after a car crashed into a Sarasota restaurant Friday.

Video of the incident showed a tan sedan that crashed into the front door of Kacey’s Seafood & More.

Officials say three people were taken from the scene on a trauma alert, one of them being the driver and two of them being diners at the restaurant.

According to SNN’s Brianna Bozkurt, restaurant workers said the two diners were eating outside at the time of the collision.

“I’m asking your viewership and everybody out there for your prayers because this is a life-threatening situation for them,” said Michael Garey, co-owner of Kacey’s Seafood and More.

Garey said first responders arrived quickly to transport the couple struck by the car to the hospital.

“And kudos to the emergency response team,” he said, “I was told they were here within five minutes of the situation.”

Garey said a 16-year-old girl was behind the wheel of the car that crashed.

“I’m a father of three girls,” Garey said. “Having a 16-year-old go through something like that so early in her life and brand new license apparently, just tragic.”

By early evening, workers began boarding up the storefront. Garey said he’s thankful none of his employees were hurt.

“If this had occurred a half an hour earlier or half an hour later,” Garey said, “it probably would have taken out three tables.”

While Kacey’s restaurant is closed indefinitely, Garey said his focus is praying for the injured couple in the hospital.

Kaycee’s released a statement on the matter:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our Fruitville location is temporarily closed for all dining – both dine in and take out.  We are diligently trying to clean up and secure our restaurant following an incident in which a car struck our restaurant, severely injuring two customers and damaging the dining room.

We ask that you keep those who were injured in your prayers.

We will post an update tomorrow.  Thank you in advance for your patience and your prayers during this trying time.

Our other Kacey’s location at 7602 Lockwood Ridge Rd at the corner of Lockwood Ridge and Tallevast remains open and will be happy to serve you!

Kaycee’s Seafood & More