SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Deputies with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office cited the driver caught on camera losing control of his Mustang and crashing into a crowd of people Friday night. It happened outside Lamborghini Sarasota on Clark Road. The dealership was hosting an after-hours car meet.

In video posted to social media, cars were seen zooming past the crowd on Clark Road until a black Mustang leaving the parking lot veered off course, ramming into several people.

A sheriff’s office report said six people were hit in the crash. The report also showed the driver of the Mustang turned 16 last month.

Robert McKahan was one of the people struck by the vehicle. He was suffering from neck pain and a broken foot.

“I just saw a Mustang heading right toward me and I couldn’t really get out of the way with the crowd around me,” said McKahan.

He said the driver tried apologizing to him after the crash. He told the teen to learn from his mistakes.

Witnesses said it’s a miracle no one was killed or seriously injured.

“I was expecting to probably get run over as well as other people. It was going pretty quickly, but the curb stopped it a little bit, but I thought it was gonna be a lot worse than what it was, thankfully it wasn’t,” said McKahan.

The dealership declined to speak with 8 On Your Side Monday. A manager directed us to its parent company, Morgan Automotive Group, but could not provide a name or contact information when asked. The automotive group did not respond to our requests for comment as of 5:30 Monday evening.

The dealership promoted the after-hours event on Facebook. In the messaging online, the dealership asked for attendees to be respectful. The post said, “Please no revving, burnouts, high-speed flybys or other activities that might be considered dangerous or disrespectful to others.”

McKahan said the dealership hosts the car meets on a monthly basis. He’s enjoyed attending them each month.

“You just park, show off your car and meet new people, talk to people,” said McKahan. “It is a very welcoming family-friendly event also and it just turned out bad in that situation,” he continued.

The sheriff’s office told 8 On Your Side that it was not aware of these car shows until the incident occurred this weekend and this video was released. They looked through past calls for service and say it appears there have never been any prior reported issues.

On Monday, the sheriff’s office Patrol Bureau supervisors visited the Lamborghini dealership to ‘educate their team and see if they needed any additional support in the form of special detail deputies or anything else’.

A spokesperson with SCSO tells 8 On Your Side it was their understanding that the dealership is postponing any future events at this time.