TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Dozens of business owners and employees took matters into their own hands Tuesday and attended active shooter training in Ybor City.

The slogan “Run, hide, fight” is centered on principles that Tampa police say could potentially save lives of people caught in a shooting rampage.

Tampa Police Officer Sean Mahabir says there’s been a spike in interest for training following the shooting massacre in Las Vegas.

“It’s seconds for you to make a decision for yourself and your family to survive,” Mahabir said.

Roberto Torres, the owner of Blind Tiger Café, along with more than 50 business owners and employees signed up for the training at Hillsborough Community College.

“The first thing that we think about whenever we think of Vegas is really our hearts go out to them,” Torres said. “It takes a toll on business owners. We always try to think what if.”VIDEO: Run, hide, fight: Active shooter training by the FBI

Mahabir provided valuable tips for attendees at the training.

“One lasting thing would be to have awareness of your situation, know where you are, know where your exit plan is if something were to occur,” Mahabir said.

Timothy Reardon, a customer at Blind Tiger Café and Tampa native, wasn’t expecting another mass shooting to be at the center of coffee shop talk.

“It’s horrific and it’s sad that it happened and that people can be that deranged,” Reardon said.

He believes local business owners are taking the right steps.

“It’s preparation and once you prepare for something, you’re able to act in the right state of mind,” Reardon said.

Reardon wants to take safety education a step further with more training.

“I think everybody should; especially businesses, I think it should be a requirement,” Reardon said.

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI have provided a helpful video online which focuses on the “Run, hide, fight” concept.