TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tuesday’s episode of Run for Fun takes us off the streets and sidewalks and into nature. Trail running offers different views and different challenges for a run or walk.

The softer, unpaved surface helps lower the impact on your muscles and joints as you run. You need to remember that those unpaved trails also have obstacles that make tripping more of a concern. The uneven ground will cause you to use different muscles than when you’re on pavement, and there are even specific shoes for trail running.

Leigh Spann and Coach Maria discuss how to prepare for trail running when you normally run on paved surfaces. Joseph Fuller joins the conversation as well. He’s an avid trail runner and racer and gives a unique perspective on why trail running can be fun. He will give some tips on what to carry with you on these types of runs. He’ll also tell us some of the best trails in the Tampa area.

You will likely be much slower running on the trails versus the roads, so don’t compare the two. Start out slow and be safe.

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