PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Pasco County Sheriff’s Office investigators are looking for at least two crooks who ripped off a VFW post and an American Legion Post in Holiday in just two weeks’ time.

The latest incident took place at around 5:15 a.m. Thursday at VFW Post 10167 on Bartelt Road.

A thief is caught on camera after he cuts a hole in the roof, jumps through, and then heads straight for the safe.  In just a matter of minutes, he’s gone.

Two weeks ago to the day at the exact same time, two suspects were also caught on camera doing the very same thing and this time, at American Legion post 173 just across the street on Bartelt Road.

They crawl through the attic, head straight for the safe and then once they get back outside, they take off with the safe.

Charley Klingenpeck, whose wife is a veteran, told News Channel 8, “People don’t care.  They want to get what they can.”

When asked how he’d even comprehend that, Brian Roper, who has veterans in his family asked us, “You gotta’ be a special kind of stupid, I guess.”

Tina Cohen of Holiday echoed those same sentiments.

“It’s really disgraceful,” Cohen said.  “It’s disgusting.”

Some people at American Legion 173 say there’s no question that the crooks know the lay-out of the places all too well.

“It’s obviously somebody with an inside job that knows this place, knows who was in here, and knows when we left,” Mark Eherts of American Legion 173 told News Channel 8.

Cohen agreed saying, “To me, I’m thinking they gotta’ know exactly what they’re doing.”

But how they’d get in without tripping the alarm?

“They climbed through the attic where there’s no motion detectors, cut down throw the ceiling, cut up through the roof, and knew the alarm wouldn’t go off,” Eherts said.

As the search for the roof bandits intensifies, everyone wants these guys sent straight to jail or they say, off to war.

“I hate people that do this,” said veteran Roger Lavoie.  “Take care of the people, we’re only here because we fought for you to let you be here, and then they don’t even appreciate it.”

If you have any information on either case, you’re urged to call the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.