STAMFORD, Conn. (WFLA) — Longtime WWE CEO Vince McMahon allegedly paid millions to multiple employees to cover up sexual misconduct allegations, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The report claimed McMahon, 76, paid $7.5 million to a female wrestler who he coerced into performing oral sex. McMahon allegedly refused to renew her contract in 2005 after she refused his advances. The report stated that McMahon negotiated a non-disclosure agreement with the former wrestler in 2018.

Last month, the Wall Street Journal reported that WWE was investigating a $3 million dollar payout from McMahon to a former employee, a paralegal, after an alleged affair was brought to the board’s attention by anonymous emails. These allegations also include WWE executive John Laurenitis.

The most recent Wall Street Journal report claims two other women were each paid $1 million in hush money in 2006 and 2008. NBC News has not seen the documents cited or independently verified the agreements.

WWE announced McMahon was stepping down as CEO on June 17 as the company investigated the misconduct claims. His daughter, Stephanie McMahon, was named interim CEO.

In a June 27 report in New York Magazine, former WWE referee Rita Chatterton accused McMahon of sexually assaulting her in 1986. She first made the claims in 1992, but charges were not filed because the statute of imitations had run out. The accusations were corroborated by another employee for the first time in the New York Magazine story.

“I’ll tell you why I’m hopping on the bandwagon now,” Leonard Inzitari, a former WWE wrestler, told the magazine. “There’s worse stuff than that.”

McMahon appeared on WWE television just hours after it was announced he was stepping down. Sources told ESPN that he is still present backstage at televised events and in charge of creative decisions for WWE programming.