TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Danny Hand Foundation is reminding people to slow down and move over ahead of Memorial Day and summer vacations.

Florida law requires drivers to “Move Over” a lane when they see emergency lights, whether it’s for law enforcement, an ambulance, or even a tow truck.

If a driver can’t move over, they must slow down to 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit.

There have been two accidents involving law enforcement officers in the past week.

The first happened Saturday night. Investigators say a trooper was stopped at a crash scene with his lights on when a suspected drunk driver slammed into his patrol car.

The impact caused the car to knock the trooper to the ground. He only suffered minor injuries.

The driver, Tamico Gilbert did not slow down or move over, troopers said. He was arrested for allegedly being under the influence at the time of the accident.

On Tuesday, a woman died after running into the back of a Tarpon Springs police cruiser. Investigators say she was driving a 2010 Hyundai Accent when she crashed into the back of the officer’s vehicle. She was rushed to the hospital, where she later died. The officer was not in the patrol car and was not hurt.

A group dedicated to bringing awareness to the “Move Over” law say that although the officers in these crashes are okay, it could have been much worse.