(NBC) – A company that manufactures several brands of pet foods likely caused hundreds of animals to become ill or die.

The Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday that it warned Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. that the company’s Food Safety program is inadequate.

The FDA said it found salmonella and toxic levels of a substance called aflatoxin, a byproduct of mold that can grow on corn and grains used in pet foods, in Midwestern’s products.

As of Aug. 9, the FDA says it knows of more than 130 pet deaths and 220 pet illnesses that may be linked to the tainted pet food.

Back in March, Midwestern Foods recalled several pet foods at its Illinois facility. In December 2020, the same company issued a recall of food made in an Oklahoma facility.

FDA compliance officers told Midwestern pet foods that a recall alone is not enough to prevent more tainted food from entering the animal food supply.

For more information on the FDA’s warning, please visit the administration’s website.