COACHELLA, Calif. (WFLA/CNN) – An attorney drew audible gasps and outrage in a courtroom this week with comments he made during the case of a woman accused of dumping puppies in a California dumpster.

“As the law is written, puppies aren’t people,” the lawyer said.

The attorney, who has not been named, is defending Deobrah Culwell. Culwell is charged with seven counts of animal cruelty after police say she tossed week-old puppies into a Coachella dumpster. Officers later found 38 other dogs at her home.

Her attorney on Thursday argued that her bail shouldn’t be increased because the crimes she’s accused of are against animals – not people.

“I couldn’t believe that. Puppies are not people? Well, they are a living being,” Katie Phillips said. “And I loved when the entire audience gasped when he had the gall to say that about these precious creatures of the earth.”

Two of the dogs Culwell is accused of tossing now live at Phillips’ home. She’s raising them before they find their forever home.

“Well I think from the day they were born they were probably isolated and kept away from humans. so they don’t even know what human touch is all about, it’s not a good thing. It’s a scary thing,” she said.

One of the seven puppies that were thrown away later died. Culwell relinquished ownership of all of her animals.