TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – If you’re a coupon-saving grocery shopper, 8 On Your Side has good and bad news. There’s a much-coveted coupon out this week for $5 off of $40 at Publix. But only certain zip codes were hand-selected by Publix to receive the coupon in their newspapers.

Couponer Patty Underwood, of Riverview, is not pleased. After all, she pays to have six copies of the Tampa Bay Times delivered to her home each Sunday. She said she doesn’t even read the newspaper; she only wants the coupons.

To hear that the really good one was left out of her newspapers, Underwood says, is not cool. “Tell me why I am not getting that coupon,” she said.

Underwood belongs to a Facebook page dedicated to coupon shopping. The page alerts her to upcoming coupons and gives followers a sneak peek of coupons to look out for. That page, True Couponing Hot Deals Group, lit up yesterday when many didn’t get the coupon they were looking for.

One shopper wrote: “Select zip codes. Our home delivery hasn’t gotten one if these in at least 6 months.” Another wrote, in part, “Exclusively to certain zips marketing is a costly mistake.”

Shoppers who did receive the coupon provided their zip codes. It quickly became clear only certain areas received the coupon. Others said they did not receive the coupon at home but did find it inside newspapers for sale at a nearby Publix.

Underwood finds that insulting. “If I’m buying coupons already to my house, I don’t want to have to go to the store and buy papers in the store because that’s the one that happened to be in there,” she said.

Brian West, a spokesman for Publix, said the company’s marketing department does select certain zip codes in which to offer the extra savings. The areas are chosen, West said, by how much competition there is between Publix and other grocery chains.

“It’s never our intention to disappoint our customers,” West said.

When asked which zip codes were chosen for this week’s coupon, West said, “We don’t share that information.”WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW: