TAMPA, Fl (BLOOM) — As demand for intravenous therapy grows exponentially nationwide, Prime IV Hydration & Wellness is setting a vigorous pace in its expansion, honing in on Florida for its next big development phase. The leading vitamin infusion therapy franchise announced plans to add 19 new spa locations across the Sunshine State, including the Tampa Bay.

Scheduled to open in locations including Tampa Bay, Key West, and Sarasota, among others, the new franchises will add to the existing 11 operational spas.

“With our eye on making IV therapy a household name, this expansion marks a monumental stride,” remarked April Hicks, VP of Marketing for Prime IV. “2023 has indeed been a groundbreaking year, laying robust foundations in communities nationwide, and this Florida venture stands as a testimony to our rapid growth.”

Drawing from a team of seasoned professionals, Prime IV offers tailor-made vitamin therapies designed to boost overall health and wellness. Their clinics promise not just rejuvenative treatments but an environment where clients can unwind and refresh. Catering to a wide variety of needs, from immune system boosts to hangover remedies, the services pitch a versatile solution to contemporary health issues.

Amy Neary, Founder and CEO of Prime IV, reflected on the company’s journey since its inception in 2017. “To witness our vision taking shape in such a significant manner, and seeing the public respond positively to the alternative health modalities we offer, it’s incredibly gratifying,” Neary noted.

Projections by Allied Market Research underscore the timely nature of Prime IV’s expansion, with the global Intravenous Therapy and Vein Access market poised to swell to a remarkable $37.5 billion valuation by 2030. Positioned amidst Florida’s booming economy and growing population, Prime IV is gearing up to carve a substantial share in this thriving market, driven by an unwavering commitment to promoting the salubrious effects of IV therapy.

As Prime IV continues its ascent, potential franchisees eyeing a stake in the burgeoning industry are encouraged to explore opportunities on the company’s franchising page.

For more insights on their service offerings and franchising details, visit Prime IV Hydration & Wellness Franchising.