Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Joya Griffin sees it all—from impacted earwax to oozing cysts to massive hair loss, as she investigates the largest organ in an animal’s body—the skin. Exhibiting extraordinary compassion and grit, there’s no case too mysterious or bizarre for this Kentucky-based doctor, as she works tirelessly to get her animal patients back to feeling their best. In addition to the unique cases and satisfying “pops,” the show also captures the fun antics and interactions between Dr. Joya and her staff of dedicated professionals, including the clinic’s first-year resident, Dr. Jeff Tinsley.

Dr. Joya can share clips from her new series and talk about some of the most common and bizarre veterinary dermatology cases she has encountered in her years of practice and on the series. Also, if you are planning to add a new pet to the house this holiday season, Dr. Joya can share tips and even the secret signs your pet may be trying to tell you something is wrong!

Dr. Joya Griffin is one of only a handful of Black animal dermatologists in the nation. While growing up in Ohio, Dr. Joya’s childhood dog, Gizmo, suffered from a severe skin allergy and was the stinkiest, saddest pet in the neighborhood. As a young veterinary student at Cornell University, she discovered that she could heal her pet, and others like it, with dermatology.