LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) — Technology is changing the turf fans see under the Friday night lights.

George Jenkins High School in Lakeland is using a new machine to save time and money when painting the field. Leaders with the school’s sports programs say The Turf Tank is a game changer.

Athletic Director Jestin Bailey says it typically takes metal detectors, strings, stencils and sometimes days to prep sports fields.

Using the recently purchased gadget he says they’re able to set out the ‘hub’ and the machine uses GPS to paint the lines, numbers and words on the field.

According to Bailey, all he has to do is fill in the numbers and letters.

“We all sit back and are amazed, especially when it does the numbers. It might take three hours to do the numbers but they’re exactly where you wanted them every time.”

George Jenkins is one of few local schools to invest in the technology. Bailey explains they’re also able to use the tool for baseball, track and band.

He says it’s really helpful during big events. During the school’s homecoming, they can create a special end zone using the ‘Turf Tank and honor a coach who passed away last year.