LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) – Following her exclusive sit-down with Lakeland’s Darren Harrison, The Today Show anchor Savannah Guthrie spoke to WFLA News Channel 8 about her thoughts on Harrison’s heroic actions.

She said they were more incredible than previously thought.

“He had to act in those first seconds,” Guthrie said to News Channel 8’s Staci DaSilva. “I mean, before he ever called air traffic control, before he was ever even in the pilot seat, he had to save the plane from crashing into the ocean. It’s an incredible story.”

Guthrie’s interview with Harrison airs Monday morning on The Today Show.

Harrison made headlines around the world this week when he miraculously landed a plane, without any flying lessons, when his pilot became unresponsive mid-flight.

With the assistance of air traffic controllers, namely Robert Morgan, he safely landed at Palm Beach International airport.

“He knows that God was present with him in that cockpit and it was a profound experience for him and it’s a profound experience to hear about it and share it too,” Guthrie said.

Guthrie said the interview will make people ask themselves – what would I do in a crisis?

“I think I would cry, panic, say my prayers, I don’t think I would even, I think I would just be in a panic. I just don’t think I could have done what he did, remotely,” she said.

Watch the full interview between Guthrie and Harrison Monday morning on The Today Show on WFLA Ch. 8.