LAKELAND, Fla.(WFLA) – An 8-story building under construction in downtown Lakeland is a sign of growth and a marked change in the skyline of Polk County’s largest city.

Some locals fear Lake Mirror will never be the same.

“That was one of the worst places I think to put it. I just, I don’t understand the logic,” said Angela Walker, who lives in Lakeland. “They just ruined the whole view of this area around here. I don’t think it was a good idea. They just spoiled the whole view.”

Walker, like many others, come to Lake Mirror to enjoy the view of downtown Lakeland.

People stroll around the promenade for the fresh air, the wildlife and the scenery.

“It’s not very pretty. Hopefully they’ll finish it up and it’ll be a nice addition. It sort of looks like they picked a spot to wedge it into. That’s going to make it congested and not as pretty,” said Fred Dotson, of Lakeland.

Summit Consulting, LLC, a Lakeland-based workers’ comp insurance company, is building the 8-story, $50 million office space on Massachusetts Ave for its new headquarters.

Courtesy – Summit Consulting LLC

Summit will move 450 employees into the office building.

The space will be “wholly occupied” by the company.

“It creates a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the vibrancy of downtown, provides an economic benefit to the City, and allows our employees to take advantage of all of the wonderful amenities downtown Lakeland has to offer,” Summit President & CEO Carol Sipe said.

On Friday, construction crews topped off the roof with the last pour of concrete.

“Starting in about a month, you’re going to see trucks bringing giant pre-cast panels in here. Some of them up to 28 feet long and up to 20,000 pounds,” City of Lakeland communications director Kevin Cook said. “That’s going to be about a 70-day process as they bring in those pre-cast panels. Then you’re really going to see an office space form.”

Starting April 26, a portion of E. Main Street at Massachusetts Ave. will be closed to traffic seven days a week for four weeks as the panels are delivered.

Courtesy – city of Lakeland

Despite the objections to the scenery change on Lake Mirror, the city is encouraged by the construction.

Growth, officials say, is welcome.

“Growth is inevitable. That was a vacant lot. Something was going to happen with it. It wasn’t going to stay vacant for long. There’s been other buildings there. We’ve actually had an old fire department there. There was an old jail there at one point in time,” said Cook.

Summit will join the new Catapult office and The Joinery, an upscale food hall, around Lake Mirror.

“You’ve got a lot of downtown businesses as well so it’s just going to add to the fabric of Lakeland,” said Cook.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by next spring.