AUBURNDALE, Fla. (WFLA) — Investigators spent a second day digging and searching through an Auburndale mobile home and its surrounding area Thursday. Work was expected to be completed by 6 p.m. Thursday.

Auburndale Police Chief Terry Storie said Thursday evening, Tonya Whipp, 38, was not located during the search.

A man who lives there told News Channel 8 Whipp, who has been missing for two months, visited him at the house June 6.

“She come in to say, hey that she was in town, let me know she was engaged, back in town,” said Jake Rudy.

Tonya Whipp.

According to Auburndale police, Whipp’s boyfriend said she was gone when he returned home in late May.

One of Whipp’s sisters said she received a message from Whipp’s Facebook account on June 1. Since then, there has been no contact with family.

“They ain’t come up with nothing. I keep telling them, guys you’re not listening to me. They’re wasting their time when they could be out there looking for Tonya,” said Rudy.

“Obviously to see this many assets and resources out here leads us to believe that they have something of interest and value,” said Amanda Reece, a founding member of We Are The Essentials. “What that is, we don’t know yet but we want to see this through to the end. If this is not Tonya or anything related to her, then we will keep going until we find Tonya and bring her home.”

We Are The Essentials has organized searches and worked alongside the family and Auburndale police, sharing information.

“A tip led us to believe that she was last seen in this location and some things that we uncovered during the course of our investigation we passed along to Auburndale Police Department,” said Reece.