POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Sen. Marco Rubio is vowing to get things done.

He spoke with a crowd of his supporters Monday afternoon in Winter Haven. It was part of his “Getting Things Done Rally”.

His opponent Congresswoman Val Demings said in a new campaign ad Monday that Marco Rubio isn’t showing up to help.

The 30-second ad is called “Mom & Dad.” Demings talks about growing up the daughter of a maid and a janitor and slams Rubio, saying he supports raising costs on people like her parents and voted to gut Social Security and Medicare.

“I’m the proud daughter of a maid and a janitor,” Demings said in the ad. “They taught me to always show up and work hard. That’s how I became chief of police. With rising costs, Marco Rubio isn’t showing up to help, and when he does, he hurts Florida. Rubio missed almost every committee meeting for seniors, then voted against lowering prescription prices, but he will show up to gut Social Security and Medicare. I’ll show up to protect them.”

Rubio fired back Monday, calling Demings’ criticism silly.

“The only one who has raised cost here are the people that voted to juice up inflation by spending $1.9 trillion after being warned by Obama’s own economist Larry Summers not to do it, and who refused to allow American oil and natural gas industry to work,” Rubio said. “Those are boilerplate Democrat attacks that they use against every Republican these days.”

Rubio will join former President Donald Trump for a rally in Miami next Sunday. Demings is joining Charlie Crist and President Joe Biden for a political event in Miami Tuesday.