FORT MEADE, Fla. (WFLA) — Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is asking motorists to heed warnings about a washed out bridge between Fort Meade and Bowling Green.

The bridge is on Mount Pisgah Road and goes over Gilshey Branch. It is located just north of County Line Road and south of Mount Pisgah Baptist Church.

The sheriff’s office said barricades are in place to warn drivers that the bridge is out, but they are driving around them and continuing on. In a video posted to the sheriff’s office Facebook page, Judd said the damage is not easy to spot on first glance – it just looks like a black stripe on the road.

“There’s still significant danger, even though electricity is coming up, even though we’re getting back to normal… There’s some real dangerous places,” Judd said. “We want to look out for you.”

Judd said there has already been a ‘significant crash’ at the bridge, so the sheriff’s office is putting up even more barricades.