Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said it’s a case that started with a jealous rage from a former relationship.

He said the front yard was the scene where anger boiled over into violent actions.

Investigators say, Lindsay Collins, of Kissimmee, was harassing Christopher Ingram with threatening texts promising violence to who she thought was a new woman in Ingram’s life.

“She arrived in a jealous rage, went into the house totally out of control, first stripping the sheets off his bed….Then grabbed a belt,” Judd said.

Judd said she then threatened to harm herself.

“Put a belt around her neck and Chris wrestled with her and took the belt away. She became more animated and at some point in time, produced a butcher knife.”

While Ingram ran outside to call 911, his roommate ran out back and hid in a boat.

Moments later, Deputy Lance Turley arrived.

“In less than a minute, she sprints through the house in a dimly lit area and the deputy sees her coming. As she runs in front of the headlights of the patrol car, the deputy then can see she’s holding a knife over her head and charging towards Chris.”

Collins was shot once on her left side and is recovering at a local hospital. She’s charged with two counts of first degree attempted murder.