TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Polk City woman said she had a close encounter with a 7-foot alligator while on the way to take pictures of the sunset.

Cindy Frasier posted on May 14 saying she was on the way to her golf cart when she found a scaly visitor at her home.

“I came around a blind corner, to get on the golf cart, and dang near ran face first into him, with a dog in one hand, and my camera in the other,” Frasier said.

Photos showed the alligator just lying in a corner next to a cage as it looked toward.

Frasier joked about the gator’s presence, saying the reptile was a new puppy she bought on eBay.

“Does anyone know if Cesar Milan works with this new breed Chihauhator or Gatohauhau,” she said. “His disposition is a little nasty, and at 7’6″, I want him to be more respectful.”

Credit: Cindy Frasier via NBC

Frasier told commenters that she tried to throw a broom and slide a shovel toward the gator to get him to leave.

Eventually, the gator was rehomed away from the nearby pond to protect Frasier’s dog, according to her comments on social media.