POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – As costs remain inflated in nearly every corner of a consumer’s life, a non-profit organization that helps deliver gifts to children for the holidays is expecting to see an increased need.

“I think inflation’s gonna have a huge impact. We’re already getting phone calls from people wanting to know – are they gonna be eligible? They’re having a hard time. I mean, we really are hearing from people who are facing a lot of hardships in Polk County,” said Angela Davis, interim director at Polk County Toys for Tots.

Last year, the organization served 15,000 children in Polk County. Already, thousands of families have applied for assistance with two weeks left to apply.

“We’re looking at some of these people that have three, four, five kids to take care of,” said Davis. “It’s going to take everybody in this community pulling together to make sure these children have a Christmas.”

Polk County Toys for Tots is currently going through its surplus of gifts from last year. Once those run out, donations of all kinds are needed, but especially bicycles for boys and gifts for newborn babies.

To learn more on how to donate or where to find a drop off location, you can go online.

Jennifer Penticoff, a Lakeland mother who was buying groceries Wednesday, said her own children’s Christmas wish list has had to be edited.

“A lot of the stuff that they had on their wish list, they’ve kind of had to reevaluate because of the prices of it. They’re gonna have to lower their standards a little bit as far as that goes,” she said.

She expects other families are feeling the same holiday pinch.

“They just simply can’t afford living expenses, along with their holiday expenses. It’s just, it’s unreal,” she said.

“We’re hitting the holidays at an interesting point,” said Jim Farrell, Ph.D., economics professor from Florida Southern College.

Farrell said inflation could impact people’s holiday shopping.

“Every household cost we can think of has gone up and so as we hit the holiday season, households may not have the kind of savings they’re accustomed to. On top of that, borrowing rates are higher,” he said.

According to Farrell, people’s holiday budgets may be the same, but that money may not go as far.

“We’re going to see some substituting but I don’t expect Christmas spending to drop a ton but because prices are higher, there will be less stuff under the tree,” said Farrell.

Families have until November 15th to apply for toys. Visit the Polk County Toys for Tots website to learn how.