AYER, Mass. (WFLA) – A Polk County fugitive is behind bars in Massachusetts tonight, according to WFTX.

Kyle Barwan was arrested three times for stolen valor in Florida.

According to WFTX, Barwan was arrested by police after he lied once again.

Barwan ended up in Massachusetts with a new roommate, who like his other victims, felt like something wasn’t adding up.Barwan lied about his military service to multiple women in Polk County to solicit money, once while on probation for committing the same crime.

According to military records, Barwan enlisted in the Army National Guard of Kentucky in 2007 and was discharged in 2008 at the rank of Private 2nd Class for failure to meet medical procurement standards.  His character of service is listed as “uncharacterized,” meaning he served less than 180 days.

The records proved Barwan is no longer affiliated with the Army or Army National Guard, is not an officer, was never deployed, and was never injured in the line of duty, the affidavit said.

Police in Massachusetts don’t believe he committed any new crimes there.

He will be extradited to Florida in mid-October.