POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — An Auburndale man pointed a firearm at an off-duty Florida Highway Patrol trooper while driving next to him on Polk Parkway on Sunday afternoon.

FHP said around 3:54 p.m., 32-year-old Matthew Timothy Reiter, got “agitated” due to slow-moving traffic on SR-570 near mile marker 18, and focused his attention on the trooper in his personal vehicle.

The trooper was dressed in normal clothes with his family members, in his personal car.

Reiter, driving a red Chevy pickup truck began driving alongside the trooper, speeding up and slowing down, yelling, and using hand gestures, despite the trooper ignoring him.

Then, he pulled a firearm out, first displaying it, then pointing it at the trooper.

FHP said the trooper reported the incident, but they couldn’t find his car on the highway. Instead, they went to his home where they later arrested him.

Reiter is charged with three counts each of unlawful display of a weapon and aggravated assault with a weapon.