POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) -A lineman from Polk County miraculously survived a fall that probably would have killed anyone else. 

Cameron Alley was working in the mountains of Puerto Rico to help restore power after Hurricane Maria when he fell 85 feet from a cable suspended from a helicopter.

On Friday, Alley showed News Channel 8 GoPro video that was recorded moments before the dramatic fall.

“A half second before I hit the ground I told myself you know this is it,” Alley said.

Once he hit the ground, dozens of locals rushed to his aid.

“I had 20-30 of the local people form in a chain. After they put me on the back board, they passed me along getting me off the side of that mountain up to medical help that I needed,” he added.

Alley suffered broken bones and severe hand injuries and spent weeks in the hospital.

He’s now at home and his wife has taken medical leave to care for him around the clock.

“Everyday life he can’t do,” his wife Trista Alley explained. “He can’t push himself up to get up. He can’t use the restroom. He can’t feed himself. He can’t bathe himself. He can’t do anything without my help.”

Yet, through the pain and hardship, the couple is grateful for a second chance.

“I couldn’t believe it and I just kept telling myself, man I fell from up there, and I’m sitting here looking at the sky,” Alley said. “All I can do is thank god for that.”

Alley has been told by doctors he may never regain full use of his left hand. He’s also expecting to undergo more surgeries and physical therapy.

If you would like to help the family, you can donate by mailing a check through the Highline Heroes Foundation by clicking here: http://www.highlineheroes.com/ and putting “Alley family” in the memo line.

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