LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) — Car insurance is on the rise and it’s taking a toll on drivers who are unable to navigate the extra bill.

It’s a domino effect because the cost to repair a car is soaring and that’s why insurance companies are passing the cost to customers.

Just two years out of high school, Deondre Island is feeling the weight of adulthood. He relies on his car to get around town, but when the day is done his car becomes the place he calls home and now he’s worried he may be priced out.

“Car insurance is the one big issue that’s setting me back,” said Island.

Island works full-time, but his paycheck is unable to keep up with the rising price of housing and car insurance.

“Right now, my car is the only shelter that I have,” said Island. “So if my car is gone then I’m going to be back on the streets.”

Carrie Boucher is the founder of the nonprofit Nomad Studio.  She’s been a mentor to Island over the last five years.

Recently, she’s noticed the influx of financial instability young adults across the region are facing.

“A lot of times we don’t think of auto insurance as a basic need that we have,” said Boucher.  “We think of food, shelter, and clothing.”

The United Way is reporting the average cost to maintain a car in Florida is nearly $360 per month.

Insurance companies are charging more as repairs become more expensive.

“The auto insurance market across all age groups and across all geographies is very disrupted right now,” said Ron Assise, senior vice president of The Horton Group. “They claim it’s 61 percent more than it is 3 years ago to fix a vehicle.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Island manage the cost of car insurance and move into an apartment.