POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A “very violent” suspect who allegedly pointed a gun at police officers has died after he was shot by two officers in Bartow on Monday afternoon. According to police, he was also accused of carjacking a couple and ramming the stolen vehicle into three other cars.

Following the shooting, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and Bartow Police Chief Andy Ray held a press conference to discuss what led up to the incident.

Judd stated that the suspect, Joshua Lee Walker, 32, had a conflict with his mother and tried to leave the area in his mother’s car, but his mom refused to give him the car. Authorities said he then threatened suicide by cop to his mom before fleeing the area.

Walker then went to a nearby liquor store and allegedly carjacked a vehicle while a woman was sitting inside, according to Judd. The woman jumped out of the car when Walker pointed his gun at her. That’s when her husband, who was inside the liquor store, told Walker to take the vehicle and go. The couple was not injured during the incident.

The 32-year-old then proceeded to flee south of US Highway 98. However, as he neared an intersection, he rammed into two vehicles before moving into northbound lanes and hit another vehicle, which had two passengers inside.

Sheriff Judd said Walker attempted to carjack two more vehicles when the first vehicle he was driving became too damaged. Luckily, the two drivers were able to get away and refused to stop.

At that moment, Walker took off running, and the Bartow police officers received a call around 4 p.m. about a disturbance involving a man with a gun. Two officers arrived at the scene, and one of them immediately began confronting Walker.

According to Chief Ray, Walker began to take off, but after a couple of steps, he allegedly turned and pointed the gun at officers. Officials said both officers fired shots at Walker and began rendering aid until first responders arrived.

“It was his choice,” Sheriff Grady Judd said regarding the shooting. “His choice to threaten his mom, his choice to carjack, his choice to point the gun at the police officers. His choice was for the police officers to shoot him.”

No officers were injured. However, the Bartow police chief said both officers will be placed on administrative leave. PCSO added that there were minor injuries from those involved in crashes with Walker.

“What Joshua learned is don’t try that in a small town. If you do, you get shot – you get shot, a lot,” Judd said. “You don’t try that in Polk County. You don’t try that in Bartow or you’re going to get shot.”

According to the Polk County sheriff, Walker has been to state prison twice, with eight prior felony convictions, and his criminal history is “30 pages long.” He also had several active warrants out for his arrest when the shooting occurred.

“At the end of the day, this is a thug, this is a criminal, this is a sorry individual who wanted to create all kinds of havoc in the community,” Sheriff Judd said. “And the police stopped him today, just like they should have.”

The Officer Involved Deadly Incident Task Force for the 10th Judicial Circuit will be leading the investigation into the officer-involved shooting, a press release stated.

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