LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) – A Lakeland pastor who was shot in the head while praying six years ago is now pushing for stricter gun control laws after the church massacre in Texas.

With his hands together and eyes closed, Pastor William Boss showed News Channel 8’s Corey Davis where he was when a gunman shot him in the back of the head.

Boss was leading members of the Greater Faith Christian Church Center when officials say former deacon, Jeremiah Fogle, walked into the building, down the aisle and shot Boss in the back of the head.

Boss says his family was kneeling next to him when it happened. He says the devil’s work entered the walls of the church that day.

Officials say Fogle then shot Rev. Carl Stewart three times before a parishioner grabbed the gun and another hit him over the head with a microphone stand.

Boss is now able to walk and talk with no visible indication he had been shot.

“It was only by the grace of God, miracles. And God is still working miracles,” Boss said.

The recent church massacre in Texas is bringing back horrific memories for Boss.

“Right now they need love. They need encouragement and if I was with that pastor today, I would look him in the eyes and tell him everything going to be alright. We’re here for you, brother,” Boss said.

Through it all, Boss is raising one question: How many massacres will it take before lawmakers change gun laws?

“Things of this nature cannot completely be stopped but also prevention could be put in place,” Boss said. “I do believe without a shadow of a doubt that they are genuinely concerned but it’s now time to come to the table.”

The Texas governor is reporting that the Sutherland Springs shooter was denied a license to carry and should not have been able to purchase the rifle he’s accused of using to massacre families in the church.

Boss says he believes preventative measures could help stop more heartache.

“It’s going to take time to heal and they just may not completely heal. They just may cope, but I’m a living witness that you can get through this and others can as well,” Boss said.

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