LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) – A hard-scrubbing, bleach-cleaning Polk County couple is sharing their passion for extreme cleaning with the world on a new show on A&E.

Lakeland’s Mike and Missy Dalton own “American Family Bioclean” and “American Family Exteriors.”

They were contacted last year about a new show being developed called “Dirty Rotten Cleaners.”

Missy initially thought it was a joke.

Eventually, the couple signed on and production began in January and ran through June.

The show follows them to jobs all along the I-4 corridor, from Tampa and St. Petersburg to Orlando.

“A lot of what you’re going to see in this series is how we interact as a team to get a job done for a client, as opposed to putting the client front and center of the camera and berating them for an hour,” said Mike Dalton.

The Daltons typically work clean up on undiscovered death cases, crime scenes, suicides, cases of hoarding, and gross filth.

Courtesy: A&E
Missy Dalton featured on “Dirty Rotten Cleaners”

For the show, they will be focusing on hoarding cases.

“Through the years, we’ve grown to love it because we actually can reach out and help so many people that didn’t know they needed our kind of service. When they do need us, it is a very immediate thing. They need it to be out of our lives,” said Dalton.

The show features extreme cleaners from across Florida.

New episodes air Mondays at 10 p.m. on A&E.