LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA)— Frank Bodami explodes buildings for a living.

It still never gets old.

“Every time we do one it’s an adrenaline rush,” said Bodami, owner of Total Wrecking & Environmental. “Other than playing drums on a stage, it’s a childhood dream, I guess.”

Ninety percent of the Buffalo-based company’s business around the country is now related to demolishing utility-related structures.

His team has been in Lakeland for months planning a two-part demolition of the C.D. McIntosh Power Plant on Lake Parker, which has turned coal into power for the city of Lakeland since the 1980s.

One hundred forty pounds of dynamite will be placed in 400 holes to implode a 260-foot stack.

The team will use “linear shaped charges” to demolish a 90-foot segment of the “Selective Catalytic Reduction” unit.

The remaining portions of that structure, including the boiler, will come down in March.

“We don’t want a big pile. It’ll be too high then, it’ll be the same height so we’ll section this off and in March, we’ll take the actual boilers down. We’ll shoot them again,” said Bodami.

The power plant stopped processing coal in April 2021 as Lakeland Electric moved on to natural gas.

A natural gas power plant is under construction near the existing Lake Parker site and set to be in operation by next year.

“The advantage of natural gas is that we have less carbon emissions. It’s more efficient both because it doesn’t take as many people to run the plant but also because it captures the most heat,” said Cathryn Lacy, Lakeland Electric spokesperson.

The demolition is scheduled for 8 a.m. Saturday.

The highest bidder in an auction will get to press the button to set off the March demolition.

All proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.