Jessica Garrett grew up in Lake Wales and has seen the impact of hurricanes before.
“Hurricane Charley was awful to say it mildly,” said Garrett.
In a six week period four hurricanes crossed Florida in 2004. The storms did major damage to Lake Wales and many other communities in Central Florida.
This year Hurricane Ian brought more damage to the community, but like many Garrett isn’t worried about Tropical Storm Nicole.
” Honestly, as a native Floridian I’m not that worried. I have not prepared, I might move some of the items out of the front window here just in case any water comes through, because we did have that with Ian,” said Garrett.
Not far away in a neighborhood where there is still storm debris and tarp covered roofs with damage from Ian, Kissie Hector is concerned.
Ian damaged her roof and shingles were just delivered to the top of her house so that repairs can be made.
“My concern, being that there are no shingles on my roof its going to continue to rain in my room,” said Hector as she and others keep a watchful eye on forecasts of the coming storm.