LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) — Gillian Fazio likes to incorporate a personal touch in her work.

Often, it’s a butterfly.

“I’ve always kind of identified those as like my grandparents, coming and visiting me. They’redefinitely symbolic for the cycle of life,” Fazio said.

Fazio’s citrus-themed mural on The Yard on Mass building is one of approximately 40 she has created and one of Lakeland’s most popular.

“I feel like there’s really an initiative to bring arts out to the forefront and make it public art and visible to everybody versus behind closed doors and in a studio,” she said.

That effort has been a focus of the Lakeland Community Redevelopment Agency, which launched a grant program last year to help give businesses the funds to brighten their facades through art.

“It makes Lakeland kind of stand out and be a little more unique so people will come from all over and take pictures with the walls and they’ll tag on social media and that brings more love and more pride in our community,” said Fazio.

More of Fazio’s art can be found on her social media pages at @gfazioart.

Lakeland’s James Hicks is creating the city’s newest mural on Kentucky Avenue.

“It ignites the imagination of people to see a lot of color and a lot of creativity taking place in a public fashion,” said Hicks.

He describes it as being about man’s relationship with technology.

“We grow up fantasizing about futuristic worlds and about our relationship and how that’s going to change and how that will affect us in the future,” said Hick.

His work can be found online at @thevendettastudio.

James Hicks, painting mural on Kentucky Ave.

The Lakeland-based painter and former tattoo artist says there is something special about creating art out in the open.

“When you do a large mural and there’s a lot of community, you kind of get that feeling of being connected to people and entertaining people with your work,” he said.

Hicks hopes to have his mural completed within the next two weeks.