WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WFLA) — The Polk County Sheriff’s Office released 911 calls related to its investigation into a murder involving a Winter Haven man who allegedly killed his own father Sunday morning.

Sheriff Grady Judd said Kyle Raemisch, 21, called 911 and admitted to killing Christopher Raemisch , 52, Sunday morning.

In the call, Kyle Raemisch said his father tried to kill him. When the dispatcher asked how his father tried to kill him, the 21-year-old said his father tried to kill him with money.

“How is he trying to kill you with money?” the dispatcher asked.

“You’ll see how later,” Kyle Raemisch responded.

The dispatcher continued to asked what happened. Raemisch then said that his father was dead and was in the house with him.

“I shot him,” he said.

“You shot him? Where’s the gun at?” the dispatcher said.

“It’s in my room,” he responded.

A neighbor across the street from the Raemisch home also called 911 and told dispatch that he was scared because Raemisch was shooting a gun in a garage.

“I can see him from the house,” the neighbor said. “I can see him coming in and out.”

The neighbor said he heard at least nine gunshots at the time.

“I do not see his father,” he told dispatch.

Deputies said they found Christopher Raemisch’s body on the garage floor with 14 spent shell casings fired by a Sig Sauer handgun, which was found on a shelf across from the inside garage door. Another shell casing was found in the foyer in front of the garage door.

The sheriff’s office said the 52-year-old victim had gunshot wounds throughout his body. Two bullet holes were found in the garage door and a surfboard was found with bullet holes as well.

The sheriff’s office said the items were directly behind the victim’s body.

A Polk County affidavit said Kyle Raemisch told dispatch that he shot his father in the head because of the money. He told authorities that he was “held hostage for far too long” and that he shot his father “too many times,” the document said.

While deputies read Kyle Raemisch his rights, the suspect said he wanted a lawyer.

According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect lived with his father, who works as a chiropractor. Christopher Raemisch’s workplace told 8 On Your Side that they were shocked by the crime.