POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Bill Braswell witnessed AI on his own 70-acre organic blueberry field.

“They were updating the software and it was basically learning stuff as it goes. It’s just — it’s amazing,” he said.

Braswell, the owner of Polkdale Farms and county commissioner, hosted Monarch Tractor this week. The California-based company is looking to open a dealership location in Florida and demonstrated its fully-automated battery-powered tractor to industry leaders, farmers, and municipal representatives.

“For us, it’s a game changer,” he said.

Braswell said he has been following the technology’s development for two years.

“You take the tractor out and let’s say you’re going to mow this field. You mow it just the way you want it,” he said. “Maybe you gotta lift the mower up for some rocks, you put it down, you do your perfect mow of your field. You come back and you say, ‘Remember that’ and you’re done. You don’t ever have to get on the tractor again.”

Cameras also take video from several different angles, which gives farmers the ability to closely monitor their crops.

Plus, the AI communicates with the farmer if it comes upon an obstruction, like an animal that runs by.

“It’s gonna call you on the phone. It’s gonna open up a live camera feed so you can see what it just saw. And then you can tell it, go ahead and keep going or wait let me get out there and take care of whatever it is,” Braswell said.

Braswell said it has been difficult to find workers not only on his farm but in the county.

“We can’t hire people. We had a job fair and nobody showed up,” he said.

A driverless tractor could help municipalities too.

“We’re finding new applications every day, everything from mowing to undervine cutting. We’re doing anything anybody asks or needs today, we’re learning something new,” said Mike Davidson, Southeast Sales Director for Monarch Tractor.

The model he showed people in Polk County cost $89,000.

Braswell said he put down a deposit and is on a waitlist. He hopes to be the first farmer in Florida with a Monarch tractor.