POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) –  A former bus attendant for the Polk County School District was convicted Thursday of abusing a special needs student by pulling her hair, hitting her on the head and sitting on her.

On Nov. 8, 2017, the girl and other special needs students were riding home on the bus from the Doris Sanders Learning Center.

When the girl, who was strapped into a harness, began yelling, Nelson warned her to be quiet and proceeded to hit her on the head with an open hand.

“I’m gonna slap that tongue out of your mouth when I get up there,” Nelson is heard telling the student after the slap.

At one point, Nelson said to the girl, “I’m not playing.” Finally, Nelson returned to the girl’s seat and sat on her, lunging into the girl with a knee.

A minute later, she is seen walking behind the victim’s seat, grabbing her by the hair and violently shaking her head back and forth four times. Deputies said the child is heard squealing with pain.

“I guess I done it. I didn’t remember hitting her,” Brenda later admitted, “I must have just lost it. I don’t remember doing that. I would never hit one of those kids.”

Nelson worked as a bus attendant since 1983. She faces up to five years in prison.