LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) – The loss of Edie Yates-Henderson and her husband, David, has been felt throughout the Lakeland community and beyond.

Those who knew and loved the couple are mourning the precious lives no longer with us, still in shock following after they were killed in their own home during a suspected burglary.

Lakeland police say Marcelle Waldon, 36 has been charged with their murders.

Residents are quick to point out, that the couple would’ve wanted those around them to celebrate the lives they touched, the difference they made in the city they loved and the inspiration they wanted to instill within others.

“We came as couples like many have come just to pay respects to the family and to provide some level of healing and closure,” Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz said.

Monday’s service was all about just that. A couple that dedicated their lives to making a difference in the world and working toward a better future, all through public service.