LAKE WALES, Fla. (WFLA) – A 5-year old Polk County boy will forever be without his mother following a wrong-way crash on State Road 60.

Courtesy – Melanie Alexander

The other driver is suspected of being under the influence.

“Everyone’s incredibly distraught and I think later, and especially holidays, birthdays, everything. It’s gonna hit harder knowing you’re not getting that phone call, knowing that you can’t go out and visit her again,” said Noah Daigle, brother of Jessica Daigle.

Daigle, 27, was a single mom to a 5-year old boy and was set to graduate on July 9 and become a welder.

“She did it, and she did a great job. The things that she’s welded, I’ve never even seen before. It was crazy. She’s super talented, very artistic,” said Noah Daigle.

On Sunday morning at around 3:20, she was driving home from an overnight shift at a nearby Walmart distribution center, according to her family.

At the intersection of State Road 60 and Stokes Road, Daigle crashed head-on with a truck driving the wrong way.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, that driver, Mark Poe, 39, of Frostproof, had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and containers of beer and liquor in his truck.

Courtesy Polk County Sheriff’s Office

He and his passengers suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Daigle was pronounced dead on scene.

Poe is facing a charge of vehicular homicide. DUI-related charges could be added pending toxicology results, according to the sheriff’s office.

“This man caused the death of an innocent woman because of his reckless driving. We fully expect additional charges as our investigation continues,” wrote Sheriff Grady Judd in a statement.

Noah Daigle asks drivers this 4th of July weekend, and every weekend, to never drive under the influence.

“It kills somebody. It kills someone, it extremely injures yourself, someone around you. It’s serious and you don’t think it’s serious until it happens to you or a family friend but it weighs down on your entire world,” said Daigle.