LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) – A dog is getting a second chance after being abandoned in a dumpster.

His name is now Chance because that’s exactly what he’s getting, a second chance.

“We had actually put them in an alcohol bath at one point because his fever got up to 107 degrees, which is deadly,” SPCA Florida Safety Net Manager Connie Johnson told News Channel 8.

Early last week, an employee at a Plant City strip mall found him in a dumpster.

“A girl that works in a strip mall was going to take out some boxes and she saw everything moving. All of a sudden she saw his head pop up,” Johnson said.

His rescuers soon found that Chance was clinging to life, so they rushed him to SPCA Florida.

“He was horrible when he first came in. He was barely moving, get a temperature of near 106-107 and just barley could lift his head,” SPCA Florida Veterinarian Dr. Kim Domokos said.

For days he has been on an IV and medications fighting to survive.

“We continue to do more testing, and found out he had pancreatitis. We did x-rays and he had so much crud in his gut from living in the dumpster,” Johnson said.

Chance will stay at SPCA Florida until he gets better. But, thanks to a number of caring people who stepped in to help, his prognosis looks good.

“I get emotional just looking at him because I can’t imagine what he felt when they dumped him in there and left him there. It’s so sad. But, he’s such a good boy. He did not deserve that,” Johnson said. “We are determined to do what it takes to make it right for him.”If you would like to help with Chance’s care, click here.

If you’re looking for a new, furry family member, SPCA Florida is holding a “name your price” adoption event this weekend.

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