POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Every night since October, Shellie Lane has gone to sleep thinking about her son, Blane.

“Our family is—it depends on the day. We have more bad days than we have good days,” she said.

Her son, a Mulberry High School graduate, wanted to be a Polk County deputy since he was in elementary school.

“He met Grady Judd. He was about 8 or 9, and ever since then, his goal was to be the sheriff,” Lane said.

But just one year into his career, Lane’s son was killed in a shooting while on duty.

“He would always tell me, ‘You know mom. It’s really dangerous.’ I never really, I knew it was dangerous but I never thought this would be our outcome,” she said.

At his memorial service, Sheriff Grady Judd, the man he envisioned succeeding one day, designated Lane an honorary sheriff.

“Even in his death he has accomplished all of his goals that he’s ever wanted to accomplish. I just wish he was here to see them,” said Shellie Lane.

Lane is father to a 3-year old daughter named Kate, who, according to Shellie, still asks for her dad often.

“She wants to know why he can’t come home from heaven. She asks why he doesn’t like his house because he’s not coming home to it,” Lane said.

A smile crossed Lane’s face when she said her son’s girlfriend is pregnant with their second child, a son.

“We have another baby on the way,” she announced.

As time passes, Lane worries, the memory of her son will fade.

“I think that’s probably a mom’s biggest fear is that her child will be forgotten,” she said.

That concern has now become part of a mission for Manatee County Deputy James Racky.

“Being part of the Police Unity Tour, we try to keep the families in everybody’s mind,” said Deputy Racky.

Deputy Racky is training to ride the three-day, 300-mile Police Unity Tour from Norfolk, Virginia to Washington D.C. in mid-May during National Police Week.

He will do so in memory of Deputy Lane.

Courtesy: Deputy James Racky

“When the riding gets tough, I always look down at my right arm because I’ll have the Blane Lane bracelet on,” said Deputy Racky.

The deputy has been participating in the bike ride for seven years.

He says the most emotional part comes at the end, when the families of the fallen officers welcome the riders at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

This year, Shellie Lane will be in the crowd.

“It’s very hard to get through but not as hard as what these families have to go through,” said Deputy Racky.

“I’m just honored because I’m so scared that Blane’s going to be forgotten. So to me, it’s just another way of getting him out there and his memory just continues to live on,” said Shellie Lane.

You can learn more about Team Racky on its Facebook page or at the team’s fundraising page here.

Deputy Racky is also raising money for Lane’s family through merchandise sales.

“We are honored that he chose DS Lane and we wish him God speed in his endeavor not only to participate in the tour, but to raise awareness for fallen heroes, and donations for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and Museum,” wrote the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook. “Thank you James for your service to Manatee County, and your commitment to honoring a brother in green from our agency. Good luck – we’ll be rooting for you!”