POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Polk County man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stomping on the back of a deputy’s head and putting them in a chokehold.

Deputies say they were called to a disturbance Wednesday along the 3400 block of Brooke Rd, in Fort Meade. When they arrived, deputies say the suspect, later identified as Jordan Engle, of Polk County, was seen walking down the road.

When Engle was ordered to stop, he allegedly told a deputy, “I am going to my house to get something to kill you with.”

Records show the deputy again ordered Engle to stop, but he did not comply. Instead, deputies say Engle attempted to flee by running down the driveway of his home along the 1500 block of Brooke Road.

After a short foot chase, Engle allegedly stopped running at the front porch area of his home and told deputies to leave him alone before repeating, “I am going inside to get something to kill you.”

Reports state the deputy, who then grabbed Engle by the arm, was pulled to the ground face down at the steps of the home. Engle then began to stomp on the back of the deputy’s head four to five times with his right foot, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.

After the deputy caught Engle’s foot, he was pulled to the ground where he allegedly wrapped his right arm around the neck of the deputy and choked him.

Additional officers arrived and secured Engle in handcuffs.

After Engle was read his rights, he allegedly told authorities he knew the deputy was on duty and that he was not scared of them.

The sheriff’s office says the deputy involved in the scuffle suffered redness around his neck, lacerations to the left side of his neck, lacerations to his left knee, scrapes on both his elbows and slight swelling on the back of his head.

Jordan Engle with charged with the following:

  • Attempted 2nd degree murder of law enforcement officer
  • Aggravated battery on law enforcement officer
  • Aggravated assault on law enforcement officer
  • Deprive officer use of communication
  • Resisting officer with violence
  • Resisting officer without violence