LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) — Elora Friar was doing what most college students do when they are back in their hometown.

“Like all good college kids that come home for the holidays, I went to a brewery,” she said.

Friar, who is training to be a doctor, was at Swan Brewing in Lakeland Christmas Eve when she heard about a car crash outside. When she went outside, she saw the rear of a car submerged in Lake Wire.

“I surveyed the scene, that’s one of the first things they teach you in any basic CPR class or any general medical principle. I looked around, didn’t see any alligators. I just jumped in the water, and it was very chilly but you’re not thinking about that,” she said.

She said the driver had his hands on the steering wheel and a 7-year old girl, Savannah, was in the back seat.

Friar opened the door which allowed some water to flow into the vehicle.

“She showed me her big pet snake that she just got for Christmas. She apparently has several pet snakes at home. So she came out of the car, crawled into my arms. It was freezing cold so I gave her my jacket,” said Friar.

Friar said she worked to keep Savannah calm, as her training has taught her.

Lakeland police officers came to the scene swiftly and encountered the driver, Clinton Bishop.

“He took some sort of a fighting stance and squared up against the officer, balled his fists up like he was getting ready to hit him which caused the officer to believe he was getting ready to be struck so he placed him in handcuffs,” said Lakeland Police Chief Sam Taylor.

Police arrested Bishop on several charges, including reckless driving and assault of a law enforcement officer. Officers said Bishop left a car crash on George Jenkins Boulevard before crashing into Lake Wire.

“He fled the scene, he didn’t stop. There were no injuries in that incident but he certainly would be required by law to stop and he didn’t stop. He left,” said Chief Taylor.

Then, the chief said, Bishop was speeding, lost control and crashed into Lake Wire.

Savannah’s mother, Brooke Bishop, is grateful Friar was there to comfort her daughter. She called her an “angel.”

“I feel like she’s just my hero and there’s not very many young women that would actually put themselves in harm’s way to help someone,” said Bishop.