DAVENPORT, Fla. (WFLA) — A Davenport man was arrested early Tuesday morning after stabbing two people after a party, according to Polk County deputies.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said it all began at a birthday party celebration Monday night at an apartment on Charo Parkway when suspect Derrick Charles Emery, 32, left the party with two other people.

According to the arrest report, Emery was very intoxicated so the host of the party decided Emery should go home. Meanwhile, his fianceé stayed behind.

Two people, identified as Victims 1 and 2, volunteered to take him home. The sheriff’s office said Victim 1 knew Emery since they were in high school while Victim 2 had just met him.

The arrest report said during the walk home, Emery pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the two victims for no reason. He then yelled ‘F— you’ to the victims while they made their way back to the apartment to get help.

Deputies said victim 2 had been stabbed in the neck, chest, and left forearm while victim 1 was stabbed in the chest and arm. Both were able to be treated and stabilized without surgery.

The sheriff’s office said Emery told deputies that he admitted to being at the party and being intoxicated.

Emery said that during the walk home, the two victims became “plain” with him, meaning that he was “done and would not be coming back.”

According to the suspect, he believed the victims were going to hurt or kill him, but the sheriff’s office said the victims never threatened him.

“At some point he was reaching into his fanny pack for his phone, however, for reasons unknown to him, he reached into the compartment where his pocket knife was, and before he knew it, he was stabbing the two subjects,” the arrest report said.

Emery said the ordeal was a “blur.” Deputies said the suspect eventually walked into a Publix, still wielding the knife with blood on his shirt, and asked management for help.

Emery was arrested on a charge of attempted second-degree murder.