TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is getting in the spooky season spirit and jumping in on a new meme trend taking over social media.

The trend sees users editing photos of Spirit Halloween costume bags in to other funny, obviously fake, costumes.

The sheriff’s office posted their own take on the meme on Facebook with their Sheriff Grady Judd costume.

The “package” says the costume comes with a uniform, TV camera, microphone, Moonpie, 7-Up and a “bonus Polk County dictionary so you too can speak ‘Poke County.'”

The Moonpie and 7-Up “accessories” are an ode to a memorable Judd quote addressing Polk County’s murder rate in October 2021, with Judd saying, “Just chill out. Drink a 7up. Eat a MoonPie. Quit murdering people.”

“Not sure how they fit all of that in one of those bags, but we’re pretty sure that if you took it out of the bag to try it on you would never get everything back into the bag,” the sheriff’s office joked in the post.