BARTOW, Fla. (WFLA) — Loved ones of people buried at Wildwood Cemetery in Bartow are getting phone calls from the city about damages to the deceased’s headstones.

“We have family members and friends resting in peace and you know, I can’t believe he would come in here and destroy something that’s so valuable to our community,” said Bartow parks and recreation manager, Jason Hargrove.

Police say just after midnight Thursday morning, an officer spotted Timothy David Adams, 40, drive in a reckless manner and run a stop sign.

When the officer tried to stop Adams, he fled, but they did not chase him, police said.

Adams then drove through a fence on the Stuart Street side of Wildwood Cemetery, where he hit and/or damaged up to six headstones, police said.

“The rest is history as far as causing the damages inside the cemetery. The officers did not engage a pursuit inside the cemetery. We tried to block him out on the opposite side,” said Bartow Deputy Chief Lauro Diaz.

Adams avoided the officers and drove through another section of the fence, police said.

“[He] was observed again traveling at a high rate of speed with lights out again, coming around a curve, loses control of his vehicle, crashes into a home,” said Diaz.

Paris Durant was inside the King Street home, finishing up laundry and putting her 2-year old son to bed when she heard sirens and then a loud crash.

“Like a car crash. Like, extremely close though. So I was like extremely nervous because I didn’t know what that was. I thought someone had hit the car,” she said.

Damage shows the vehicle drove through the wall and into a bathroom, which is right next to her son’s bedroom.

“That’s the number one thing – that he wasn’t in the bedroom and we’re safe and nothing happened to us,” she said.

Adams faced a judge for his first appearance Friday.

A public defender argued there was no probable cause for the six counts of destroying or removing tomb/monument/gravestone.

“He didn’t willfully and knowingly destroy them. He didn’t have intent to destroy and run over any graveyards in his fleeing from police,” the attorney said.

The judge found probable cause for two of the six counts involving the graves, in addition to other charges, and set bond at about $6,000.

Police also claim to have found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in the car he was driving, which had stolen tags out of Lakeland.

“He also has a history of drugs, history of resisting arrest, fleeing and eluding police. License been suspended numerous times for every infraction you could think of,” said Deputy Chief Diaz.

According to Deputy Chief Diaz, the owner of the vehicle had insurance, which should help both the city and Durant’s family pay for repairs.