HAINES CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – A lifetime of golf, dancing and love began on a New Jersey beach.

“I asked for her phone number and I remembered the number,” said Vic Gerard, 101.

Gerard rode buses and trains to see the new lady in his life, Marge.

During war time, they sent letters.

On April 25, 1943, they became husband and wife. They became the Gerards.

Over eight decades, as the world changed around them, Vic and Marge had each other.

“We did everything together. We played golf together. We danced together. We played cards together and we watched TV together,” said Marge Gerard, 98.

The couple have six children, 13 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

“It’s a real love story. Love at first sight,” said their daughter, Tery Michaud. “I’m a marriage counselor. They have been my inspiration for believing in marriage.”

To their daughters, their lifelong love story is one of gratefulness and being content.

“They could have lived a more extravagant life if they chose but they didn’t. What was important to them was their kids, their family, each other, golf and dancing,” said their daughter, Linda Donofrio.

Golf and dancing comes up a lot with these two.

It’s one way the 98 year-old and 101 year-old say they stayed active all these years.

“I played a lot of golf which is a lot of walking and we did a lot of dancing,” said Vic Gerard.

They retired to Haines City 20 years.

Marge still calls Vic the “most wonderful man in the world.”

“The secret to a long happy marriage, what would you say it is?” asked reporter Staci DaSilva.

“Being lucky, being honest and take care of each other,” said Vic Gerard.